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Since 1991 the Indian economy has opened up to become a world market. Access India Advisors Limited has from 1996 provided the insights required to both international and local clients to understand how the new and the old India work and co-exist. In working with our clients we have been able to serve them in four critical areas.
Business Advisory : This includes setting up businesses in India, advise related to tax and accounting practices, locating joint venture and strategic partners.
Management Consultancy : Access India has done numerous studies and white papers in the media, telecom and retail sectors. In addition we have assisted clients with top level executive search and placement.

Regulatory Stategy : With the growth of sectors including media, finance, insurance and telecom, regulatory structures have been re-created in India. We are in a position to provide valuable insight to clients as to how law-making and legislation is created. In additon we have a track record of assisting clients in developing a winning position when dealing with new legislation.
Content Development : In arguably the largest single market in the world, content is king. Quality content allows our clients to reach their target audiences - whether it is in the print or television media. In our collaboration with Imak Entertainment we have access to a full service studio and an experienced team at our disposal.